My way of fighting Cyberstalking, Cyberbullying and Cyberharrassment
This website is created to help and educate our children, business owners, and regular people like us about Cyberbullying, Cyberharrassment, Cyberstalking ...you are not alone and there is help.  The Information in this site provides links for additional information and assistance. 

About Me

My name is Riz Condol and I am a victim of Cyberstalking and Cyberharrassments.


And I'm saying enough is enough.


I didn't realize I was a victim of someone being so obsessed of me and stalking my life in a different form.   For over 10 ten years, I have been a victim of cyberharrassments and cyberstalking from someone obsessed with my personal and professional life. For many years I have ignored the information until the cyber stalker tried reaching out to my family and clients.   This is where I draw the line. 


Until recently, as a business owner, professional and a father I didn't realize that there are many help in this situation and not to make you feel alone. When such Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, and Cyberharrassments, hits you, your first reaction is angry, lost, confuse and to hide from it. 


This particular person has compensated and abused some people in another country to help him continue to place damaging information and faked names in the Internet about me.  My picture was stolen and faked names were created in many places.  We continue to monitor the people in both countries and collect as many evidence.